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  MCB@Home Frequently Asked Questions


What is MCB@Home?
MCB@Home is the Internet banking service of Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V. MCB@Home enables personal customers to do banking from a personal computer anywhere, anytime.

What is required to start using MCB@Home?
- Active Personal Current and/or Savings Account(s)
- Bankomatiko (ATM) Card
- Personal Computer with Internet Connection
- Current Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

What services does MCB@Home offer?
- Balances on Current, Savings, Credit Card, Personal Loan, Personal Mortgage, and Time Accounts
- Transaction History
- Verify Status of Individual Checks
- Retrieve Last 10 Debits and Credits
- Pay Bills (Make Payments), Locally and Internationally - Make payments to any 3rd party
- Order Checkbooks
- Place Stop-Payment on Lost or Stolen Checks
- Retrieve Online Messaging from Maduro & Curiel's Bank
- Recharge your UTS Prepaid Phone(s)

What does it cost to use MCB@Home?
MCB@Home is free of charge, with the exception of standard charges applicable to process Stop Payments, Checkbook Orders and Swift (Wire) Transfers. At some point, MCB may find it necessary to charge for MCB@Home services. We will notify you well in advance if this should occur.

The password does not work, how can it be reset?
If you have forgotten your password, please call our support staff at 466-1567 or 466-1686. A reset will be done and a new password issued for pick-up at the Salinja branch.

Where is help available?
Throughout MCB@Home, there are context sensitive help screens for your assistance. Click on the HELP button in the upper-right corner of each screen. If additional support is required, please send your question or comment via email to or call 466-1567 or 466-1686.

Account Information

Which accounts can be viewed on MCB@Home?
All active Personal and/or Savings accounts linked to your Bankomatiko Card can be viewed, as well as the account balances of your Credit Card(s), Personal Loan(s), Mortgage(s), Time Deposit(s) and Call Account(s).

What needs to be done to view additional accounts on MCB@Home?
On the main accounts page, there is a link to add additional accounts. Click on the link and fill out the form to request the additional of other accounts to MCB@Home.

How far back is it possible to view transactions in MCB@Home?
A customer can view current and savings account transactions up to six (6) months back.

Can statements be viewed in MCB@Home?
No, however, the transaction history is readily available online which can also be downloaded on your PC for import into Microsoft Money or Quicken.

When can today's transactions be viewed in MCB@Home?
Transactions submitted and processed on MCB@Home, or through other bank departments, prior to 2:00 pm on business days will show up MCB@Home after 11:00 pm that same day.

Account Transfers

What is an account transfer and how does it work?
An account transfer is moving funds between the Current and/or Savings Account(s) that are set up in MCB@Home. Transfers are supported in NAf., USD and Euro currencies. The transfer will occur in the currency of the From account. To transfer funds, select the account you want to transfer funds from and the account you want to transfer the funds to.

Is it possible to transfer Dollars and Euro's?
Yes, it is possible to transfer US Dollars and Euros if the transfer From account is a Foreign Currency account. It is also possible to make payments from a US Dollar or Euro account.


A bill has been paid but the balance of the account did not change. Why not?
When scheduling a payment, the balance of the selected account will not reflect payment of the amount until payment has been processed during our settlement procedure, between approximately 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

When does the beneficiary of a bill actually get the payment?
If the beneficiary's account is at Maduro & Curiel's Bank, the payment will be received the same business day. For beneficiaries at other local banks, it takes about 3 days for the payment to be received. Please allow an adequate amount of time for the payment to reach the beneficiary.

Can beneficiaries at other banks be paid via MCB@Home?

How can a beneficiary on another island be paid?
If the beneficiary is within the MCBGroup the same payment procedure applies as with local banks, selecting the beneficiary's account from the Dropdown Menu on the payment page. If the beneficiary does not appear on the Dropdown Menu list, payment can be executed by means of a Wire Transfer.

How can a beneficiary in the USA or Europe be paid?
Beneficiaries in the USA or Europe can be paid by Wire Transfers.

How can beneficiaries in the world, other than the USA or Europe be paid?
All international beneficiaries can be paid by Wire Transfer.

Is it possible to get a confirmation that a payment has been made?
MCB@Home generates confirmations both at creation of the payment and at its execution.

Can a local bill be paid from a Dollar or Euro account?
Yes, however, the beneficiary account will be credited in its native (e.g. NAf.) currency.


What are the transaction limits?
Transfers and payments are subject to the following daily and amount limits, subject to change by the Bank.

Transaction type Number per Day Amount
Per Day (NAf.)
Amount Single Transaction (NAf.)
Within own Accounts 10 10000 10000
Bank Vendor List Payments 10 10000 10000
3rd. Party Payments (not vendor list) 10 5000 5000
Wire Transfers 5 5000 5000

Prepaid Phone Recharge

Which prepaid phones can be recharged on MCB@Home?
All UTS prepaid phones: UTIL/CHIPPIE/TELEFASIL can be recharged through MCB@Home.

How are prepaid phones recharged on MCB@Home?
By making an immediate (Pay Now) payment to the beneficiary UTS UTIL/CHIPPIE/TELEFASIL in the 'Payments' section.

When is the recharge applied on the prepaid phone for use?
The recharge will take place within 5 minutes after a Pay Now transaction. If you schedule a recharge, rather than use Pay Now, the recharge will take place after 4 pm.

Checkbook Orders

When an application for a checkbook is made, where is the checkbook sent and when can it be picked up?
The checkbook is sent to the pickup branch specified the last time a checkbook was ordered. If it is a first time checkbook order, it will automatically be sent to the Punda Branch. Checkbooks are ready for pickup 2 business days after your online checkbook order.